Mike Szczepanik

Mike Szczepanik

Mike has been teaching Biology for 24 years at Hilton High School, outside of Rochester NY. He teaches AP Biology and Regents Living Environment. He is Hilton Central School Districts's 7-12 Science Program Coordinator.

Mike's classroom is driven by feedback and learning, not by grades. Students assess themselves based on standards as well as giving feedback to their peers. As their teacher, he provide feedback, but instead of being the sole judge of their learning, the students see him as one source of information and feedback among many sources.

Mike is an emeritus of the NYS Master Teacher Program. In 2019, Mike was won the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for NY State. He has presented at the local, state and national level on topics centered around using Feedback instead of Grades to move learning forward, and leveraging Technology in the Science Classroom.

Mike's upcoming workshops

Monday, November 16, 2020 (4:00-6:00pm EDT)

Feedback Driven Science Classrooms - Mike Szczepanik

Timely and consistent feedback has been shown to substantially improve learning, while certain grading practices have been linked to reduced student performance. In this Zoom conference, current grading practices and how it is impacting learning will be investigated. Then teachers will dive into the NGSS and AP Science Practices to consider ways to de-grade the classroom while adding more feedback without addional teacher workload. Special consideration will be given to remote and hybrid instruction.