Alecia Redway

Alecia Redway

Alecia is a doctoral student at Long Island University and a New York State Master Teacher Emeritus. In the classroom for 17 years, Alecia has taught Regents Living Environment, Regents Chemistry, Regents Earth Science, Forensic Science, 7th and 8th-grade Health, along with 8th-grade General Science.

Her passion includes creating inclusive science curricula for the Next Generation Science Standards and studying international science curricula—IB, GCE, and GCSE. As part of her dissertation, she is researching how teachers leverage static and dynamic scientific models in secondary science instruction.

Alecia is always excited to learn and share innovative technologies and instructional strategies with her colleagues. Occasionally, she facilitates workshops on the integration of technology, designing curricula using the Next Generation Science Standards, and implementation of data analysis in the content areas.

Alecia earned her BA in Psychology and an MA in Science Education from New York University. In addition, she holds New York State Permanent Certificates in Chemistry, Biology, and General Science 7-12 with a Gifted Education Extension.

Alecia's Workshops

Postponed - New date to be determined

Systems Modeling: Creating Computational Models with Science Students - Jon Darkow and Alecia Redway

This set of Zoom workshops will focus on creating system dynamics models. By registering for this event you will automatically be enrolled in Workshop 1 and Workshop 2. We want to help you become a systems thinker and become a system dynamics modeler. To build these skills we thought a two-day workshop with some time for you to think and practice in between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 would be best.